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The HCR invites research projects from our pupils, staff and from external researchers. Below are examples of the kind of project categories that we are engaged in:

Pupil Projects – the Independent Research Paper.

What our pupils say: "I have gained a lot from this process of researching and writing my IRP. It has taught me how to write mathematical papers, something which will help me at University. It was also enjoyable to be able to create my own work, something from scratch that I'm proud of. As you decide yourself when to work and how much to do it is a feeling of independence which is not usually felt in school, with no parents or teachers pushing you for deadlines". 

Staff Projects - some examples

Michelle Craig, Library Assistant, part-time MPhil in History by research, University of Glasgow: "My research is on the history of the early printed book focusing on the ‘incunabula period’ from c.1450 – 1517. I am specifically looking at the transmission of the classics in this period by examining bibliographic detail,  cultural context and market trends".

Kate Keter, Archivist, part-time MSc in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies, University of Strathclyde: "My main piece of work this year is a paper based on research I am carrying out using information in the School Archives - specifically looking at the Dux medallists from 1885/86 to 1899/1900. I will compare and contrast the outcomes for the boys and the girls; I will look at the curriculum of the two schools and whether the social circumstances of the time impacted on the success of the girls in particular".

External Projects - some examples

Final year student Heather Lang conducted research into adolescent girls experience of physical education: "I am a final year B.Ed. student of physical Education at Edinburgh University. As part of my studies, I am researching the views and attitudes of adolescent girls to their PE classes and in particular to team games. Data will be collected from both private and state sector girls in order to identify any similarities and/or differences in perspectives".

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