Hutchesons' Centre for Research

Hutchesons' Grammar School

Ways of Seeing, Ways of Looking

A collaboration: ‘ways of seeing, ways of looking’

A series of artwork has been created following collaboration between the current sixth year pupils at Hutchesons' Grammar School and three visual artists:

Michael Hill Johnston, Katie Armour and Rachel Mimiec.

Exploring new ways of looking at the world around them, pupils have generated a body of work focused on process, mark-making and technique.

In Rachel Mimiec’s workshop the aim was to explore approaches to research and also to acknowledge the contribution that peer group support and discussion can contribute to creatively pushing the research and work forward to finding new connections.

Research methodology forms an integral part of the new Advanced Higher course: pupils are required to demonstrate their ability to analyse and evaluate theoretical concepts and communicate these through a practical portfolio and written component of the course.

Independence and self-directed study underpin individual self-expression and creativity.

Here is a link to the project website: